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ClikkiClikki is an advanced penny auction platform for real estate auctions. Penny auction websites are unique, in that in order to be profitable they need to be able to handle large amounts of users, and constant bids taken on the network.


ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS, HTML5, CSS3, Amplify


Google, Calendly, ActiveCampaign, iPayTotal, PayPal, Stripe, Amilon

Launch project

About project


  • The service required an easily expandable and load-resistant platform capable of withstanding the bids of tens of thousands of users simultaneously.
  • It was necessary to connect a lot of payment gateways, integrate support for calendars for booking and a platform for gift certificates.
  • To be able to operate autonomously, a unique automatic bidding system was required, which could work depending on the time of day, the step of the auction, the value of the property and the number of bids made.


  • The service was built on top of high performance and fully scalable Amazon AWS platform, including Amplify
  • ClikkiClikki can handle tens of thousands of users as well as thousands of bids per second
  • Integrations with iPayTotal, PayPal, Stripe, XERO accounting software, Amilon gift platform, Google Calendar, ActiveCampaign marketing platform were created via REST API
  • An automated bid system called AutoClikki allows users to participate in the auction without being constantly online

Case study

Based on bids ClikkiClikki allows users to buy real estate at optimal prices. To participate in the auction, the user needs to purchase a special internal currency called “bricks”. The platform is integrated with third-party services for the convenience of advertising campaigns, accounting and record keeping.

The system allows user to browse the available real estate catalog, schedule a meeting time to view and evaluate the future lot for the auction. Both manual and fully automatic system of user participation in auctions is integrated into the ClikkiClikki, which makes it extremely convenient and customizable for the specified parameters.

ClikkiClikki is super easy-to-use with a simple menu and eye-catching CTAs. The registration process is designed to fit individual scenarios for these types and has been automated as much as possible. Each auction is held in accordance with the real analogue and includes auctions between participants for a certain real estate object. The right to purchase is granted to the user who has offered the most current price.

Thanks to the use of Amazon (Amazon Amplify) technology, ClikkiClikki supports multiple auctions simultaneously and provides a unique user experience within electronic auctions.




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