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WordPress Is One Of The Best | KUBAS Labs Blog

It has the highest conversion rate on the market. More than 30,000 ready-made plugins. It is easy to use. Lowest price. The possibility of total-lot design changing.

Maybe the first place in this list was to put a low price and ease of use? Or is it more important to have a high conversion rate on the market and more than 30,000 ready-made plugins? No matter what your priority is when ordering a site, you need Wordpress, as It meets all these requests.

<span>Wordpress</span> Is One Of The Best | KUBAS Labs Blog

WordPress is one of the most significant and authoritative platforms on the Internet today. Now in the world, most of the sites run on this CMS, starting with large companies, stars, bloggers and ending with Johnny, your neighbor on the site. One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that it is not good enough for major brands because it has open source code. But such huge companies as Mercedes Benz, Walt Disney, Facebook, Sony, BBC America, MTV news, PlayStation, etc. refute this. Websites run on WordPress: Sylvester Stallone, Katy Perry, Beyonce and many other famous people.

The qualities that we wrote about above are already enough for you to stop reading the article further and decide in favor of WordPress. But we want to tell you more. It is important for us not only to motivate you but also to teach you how to choose a platform correctly.


The WordPress is distributed for free, has the widest functionality and round-the-clock support. An important feature is that you can create a site of almost any type and subject on WP: corporate portals, online stores, catalogs, portals for Analytics and review, training, libraries, galleries, blogs, etc.

If your company already has a website and you don’t want to start from 0, you can use a certain tool to fully integrate with it. With WordPress, you can expand the functionality of your existing resource, add graphics, expand catalogs or create new ones, and much more, which will allow you to have a greater visual and auditory impact on the target audience and bring your communication with users to a higher level.

With such powerful features of WordPress, it is not difficult to work with It, and it is easy to master the site’s functionality. You don’t need to study technical issues. You can easily interact with users. The control panel is convenient both for working with small sites and for supporting large-scale portals with a large development team.

The more well-known and recognized a product is, the more it attracts the attention of hackers. But if you update the CMS itself in time, as well as themes and plugins, then you can sleep in peace.

Trust professionals to create your site. Those who make every effort to understand your business, delve into its mechanics and goals. Provides the optimum solution. We can sincerely say this about our development team. Write or call us, we will be happy to answer any additional questions.