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Use AMP – improve conversion

How to be noticed among other similar ones? How do you keep your attention when it is scattered and running from one object to another? How can I be heard when all of them sound at the same time? How to be understood when different polar information breaks people’s consciousness? How to keep up at this furious pace, where time is the most valuable resource. Once you stopped – you was left behind a million-strong column of entrepreneurs trying to be the first to reach a successful final.

Those things that give acceleration, instant reaction, quick understanding. All this is a must have for a person leading a modern business.

Cars that drive faster. Texts that are faster to reach understanding. Partnerships that produce instant results. Programs that are faster than human activity.

All the things that make it possible not to stay behind the competitors are vital things. In one of the last article, we talked about the benefits of chatbots and how they can save you and your customers time. Today we will talk about another “must have” and IT trend in 2020-2021.

Use AMP - improve <span>conversion</span>

AMP – accelerated mobile pages

You need not resort to statistics to prove that a larger percentage of consumers use the Internet via smartphones and mobile devices.traffic from smartphones and tablets have already exceeded desktop traffic from computers and laptops. Just look around and you will see how people massively hang out on their phones in cafes, in the subway, on the streets, and even sitting at home on the couch. People scroll through the pages of the Internet and it is difficult to keep their attention at one point. 50% of people cancel opening a site just because it takes longer than 3 seconds to open. Again, no one wants to wait. This is why conversion rates are reduced. This is how potential customers and buyers are lost. This is a statistic. You can have a beautiful, well-built website, but the more information it has in the form of high-quality videos, photos, and other media content, the more time it takes to open on your smartphone. In addition, there is not always a fast Internet connection. For a business that sells online, it is important to get ahead of the competition and be noticed, keep the attention and intrigue the consumer. AMP is one of the helpers in this. AMP is the mobile express page, which provides a maximum download speed of the website. This works, even if the Internet is slow.

AMP is a radically stripped-down version of regular web pages. Only the main content remains on accelerated pages. It is important that this content is informative and motivates the consumer to go to the primary site and learn more about you. AMP creation from Google. Therefore, Google strongly supports its child and develops this direction. The technology of mobile page acceleration does not give sites an advantage in ranking, but it significantly increases the loading speed, about ten times, and this is taken into account when generating search results. Content projects and news sites benefit from implementing AMP if they get caught in the carousel. This element is displayed at the top of the SERP above the search results. This provides sites with accelerated pages with additional traffic. Of course, AMP is less functional and not as visually appealing as the main web page. In order for the page to open as quickly as possible, developers cut down many things, but it is created precisely as a trigger and its task is to draw the consumer’s attention to your existence, as a business unit and motivate them to go to the site to learn more about you. Is it possible to do without an AMP? Whether you need this layer between you and a potential buyer is up to you, but a few years ago, site owners were skeptical about the need to adapt a website to mobile traffic. Today, a mobile version or adaptive layout is a prerequisite for effective operation of an online resource. Everything goes to where soon AMP technology will become one of the basic conditions for the effectiveness of a web page. Used by popular and global platforms such as Google, Bing, and Twitter, AMP guarantees users from all these surfaces an unparalleled, often instant and natural experience by default selecting AMP pages when they are available. AMP can increase the site’s rating, which has a positive effect on its SEO and promotion. Technologies are becoming more complex, requirements for quality and speed are growing, and if you want your site to be “at the top”, you need to take into account adaptive design, AMP when developing or at least when optimizing it. Whatever platform your web page is on, whether it is OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop or other, we will create a high – quality version of AMP for you.

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