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PWA is an innovative solution for your site

In a world where information technologies are rapidly developing and IT developments are being implemented in all sectors of life, it is impossible to conduct business without literacy in this area. Today’s article opens a series of publications that will be useful to anyone who wants to know more.

PWA is an innovative solution for your <span>site</span>

IT trends – PWA is an innovative solution for your site

“Let’s assume that there are two similar women and appearance, and wealth, and age, they differ only in one thing—one has a dress from Versace, and the other does not. Guess which of these women makes love more often?” D. Versace.

“Let’s say there are two similar sites and the design, technology, and year of creation, they differ only in one—one site has a PWA, and the other does not. Guess which of these sites has the best chance of a business relationship?”

We think the idea is clear.

PWA for the site, as “dress from Versace”. Progressive Web Apps is one of the most fashionable trends in web development. After all, the IT world, and the fashion industry, has its own trends. This miracle technology created by Apple Corporation in 2007, but all these years it has been improving, now it has become a popular trend and many people consider it the technology of the future. What is PWA, what is its modernity and usefulness?

PWA transforms the site into a mobile app. In a desktop browser, the progressive web app remains a regular site. And when a user opens it in a mobile, PWA turns into a hybrid site and app.

A large percentage of users do not download any apps per month. And the number of online shoppers who make their purchases using mobile devices is steadily growing. Now let’s connect these two stories. PWA allows users to view their favorite websites in a mobile web browser and without downloading special apps. Not only in a mobile web browser, but also on the desktop. One more important thing. Let’s talk about popular programs. Such as video hosting, social networks, and message boards. A huge percentage of people spend time there via smartphones and tablets. Through desktop browsers only 13%. PWA is a compromise solution for this. It allows you to open your favorite app using a mobile browser, while fully preserving the functionality of the native app. In terms of functionality, progressive apps are superior to regular websites. People want to get information from the site quickly. After all, one indicator of resource quality is efficiency. The failure rate is proportional to the page load time. PWA increases the speed. The ability to work with the app even if you don’t have the Internet, push notifications, detectability, ease of installation and easy launch, automatic updates, use of phone functions, security, instant updates, sharing progressive web applications, and much more-increases the level of traffic and conversion. We can safely say that PWA increases the overall performance of the site and its usability, expands the possibilities of interaction with mobile users. The above characteristics distinguish PWA from native applications. That’s why PWA is innovative. There are many good examples of using PWA in various areas of Commerce in the world. For example, the French house of perfumes and cosmetics Lancome, the social network Twitter, the search engine for hotels Trivago, the marketplace Alibaba, the Internet media Forbes and many others.

Progressive Web Apps is rapidly becoming the prevailing force in application development. You will be at the forefront of your industry, ahead of the competition, if you use PWA now.

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