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How Java will be beneficial for Your Business

According to Github's annual State of the October report, Java was the third most popular programming language in 2019.

The impact of Java on the technology world cannot be underestimated because this programming language is widely used in various fields, from desktop applications to space development by NASA.

The creators have implemented the WORA principle: write once, run anywhere. It means that both software written on the same platform will run on other devices. This universal programming language is used by companies of all sizes in their corporate server software. Applications written in Java can be found everywhere: in a smart kettle, Android smartphone, computer, or Tesla car.

Tech industry leaders are a great example of how Java can successfully address a company's needs. At Amazon, virtually all of its backend runs on Java, Oracle used Java even before the Sun Microsystems acquisition, and even the Pentagon's official website uses Java. Uber is one of the canonical examples of a successful company whose business is built around a mobile application, which, in turn, is based on Java.

How Java will be beneficial <span> for Your Business </span>

Top 5 Applications of Java Programming Language


How can your business get better with Java? Let’s take a look at some ways this popular programming language can be used.

1. Android Development

At one time, Google chose Java for Android development, which certainly speaks of the effectiveness of this programming language. Today Android is the most popular operating system, and almost all mobile applications for it are written in Java. We recommend choosing Java to create enterprise applications, financial, e-commerce, to maximize the efficiency and user experience of your target audience.

2. Cloud projects

Migration to the cloud is an irreversible process in the global market. Most companies transfer everything to cloud platforms – from data warehouses and individual services to the entire IT infrastructure. And the most popular programming language for corporate development in the cloud is Java. Java is used to build application servers in the cloud, network API, etc. Java is needed not to develop new applications in the cloud but to ensure that the application will work equally well in the modern “platform mix” of the cloud, mobile, and desktop devices.

3. Enterprise web application

In 2020, over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java-based applications. Whether it’s a market giant or a midsize business, an enterprise application allows you to successfully manage and scale your business using the Java EE platform. Such applications are also in demand for banking systems, corporations, scientific and government organizations.

4. Desktop application for different operating systems

Java makes it much easier to create a cross-platform desktop application than most other languages. By choosing this technology, you save time and costs for developing separate versions of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

5. Web application development

Java -it’s a good option for writing service-oriented solutions level of large companies and enterprises. If your business needs a custom web application development service like a cashback service or a web financial transfer system, a solution in the field of online advertising, contact professionals from KUBAS Labs to develop modern web applications in Java.


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