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Business dance with the right partner

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Business dance with the right <span>partner</span>

Business dance with the right partner

You move heavily on the floor. The partner steps on your feet, his elbow touches your side when you turn. You don’t have contact; you don’t understand; you don’t feel each other. You want this dance to end faster, but your mind is clinging to the hope of at least some ordinary result. A couple are dancing nearby. Their movements are correct and beautiful. The partner knows his business, so he is confident in himself. He supports. He leads the dance expertly, and no matter how fast the pace is, it’s safe. The battle is over, they get a standing ovation, and you walk off the dance floor with your feet trampled. There is no limit to your frustration, but you have learned a good lesson and established the rules for yourself forever. It is impossible to achieve the desired result with a non-professional partner.

Actually our article is about another dance. We wanted to use associations to convey the idea to you, and in particular to talk about the dance of the IT company as a partner of your business. About what kind of mistakes entrepreneurs make twice when ordering an IT product from non-professionals.

Events in the world push many people to think about transforming workflows and launching online business projects. This is one of the many reasons for the urgent demand for information technologies. The IT market is rapidly developing. This is fine, but there is one distressing circumstance. The market began to break and those who in the fight for the customer dumping prices, massively providing low-quality product. Making a competitive advantage of a cheap price is the easiest way for some of them. They mostly do not think about marketing strategy, they need not improve quality and provide customer service. The buyer always hopes for an excellent result, and in the end, loses money. Then, like that disillusioned dancer, they wanders off the dance floor with his feet trampled and watches others succeed and get a standing ovation from life. What is their advantage? We will just say it. They know how to choose. They do not want to get into a situation like the one proverb says: buy cheap buy twice. Even those who buy a cheap IT product from a dubious company and put it on the forehead of their own business, still come to the point that they start looking for another, more reliable developer.

To avoid mistakes and choose the right IT partner you need to understand:

If you love your project, invest your soul in it, worry about it, will you take the risk and introduce dubious cheap IT developments into it? It will negate all the previously invested forces and funds. Do you want to waste time waiting for results that you are unlikely to get?

You know that your project is worthy of a high-quality IT solution. Quality always affects the price.

Highly qualified specialists who will create a strong IT product adapted to your business structure, your goals, and the solution of many problems will develop it. They will take responsibility for the risks. Perform additional work. Provide reliable, fast and high-quality service. In the professional IT environment, efficiency and quick response to customer requests are highly valued.

Representatives of a good IT company will deeply understand and diagnose the problems of your business. They will ask many questions and find out every detail. It is important for them to make an effective tool for you. They think about the reputation of your company and their reputation as your IT partner.

Developer who creates a cheap fake for you won’t invest so much money and effort in quality. Do they care about your reputation or fast money? You know the answer.

To create a product, an IT company needs a lot of information about your project and your organization. Think about it. Are you ready to provide such data by making a deal with a dubious company? Only a reliable IT partner gives you a guarantee and concludes a legally confirmed non-disclosure agreement with you.

Do not take risks and do not buy problems.

Sign contracts only with reliable developers. The invested money will return a good profit. There is already tons of experience that show that a high-quality IT product can solve the most difficult tasks and thereby bring the business to a new level.