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BOTs for your business

We continue our series of articles about IT trends. Read and be literate. Information technologies are rapidly being introduced into all spheres of life. It is important to understand this and be aware of the information.

BOTs for your <span>business</span>


“… you don’t remember what the world was like without robots. There was a time when faced with the Universe, the man was alone and had no friends. Now he has helpers, beings stronger, more reliable, more effective than he is, and absolutely loyal to him. Humanity is no longer alone. Did it ever occur to you?….”
Isaac Asimov “I, robot”

We are already creating the future.

Based on the AIML technology, the British Steve Warswick created the bot “Mitsuku”. From 2013 to 2019, Mitsuku won the Al Loebner competition 5 times. The program competed in passing the Turing test. The test is passed if the computer conducts a conversation in such a way that the person can not determine whether he is communicating with another person or a machine.

“Mitsuku” was named the most human bot. And in January 2020, Google introduced an even better “Meena“ program and stated that Meena can conduct more intelligent conversations than any of the existing analogues on the market today. Its conversational neural network uses over 2.6 billion parameters, and the development team used 40 billion words for training. “Mitsuku” and “Meena” were tested for average awareness and specificity in responses. Mitsuku scored 56% and Meena 79%. An interesting fact is that the human index is 86%. Bots are “coming at our heels”. Although users often encounter them in social networks and messengers, these programs are still not fully understood by most. People do not know how a bot can be useful for them in business or in solving any problems of everyday life? The day will inevitably come when we will all communicate with bots in the same language. After all, they learn to think like us, communicate like us, and expect our needs. They study us, and it is important for us to have an expert knowledge about them.

Bots – programs that mimic human activity, creating the illusion of live communication. You can just talk to the bot, or you can get business information.

It all depends on the specifics of the implementation platform (messengers, management systems, websites, PWA, social networks, search engines, any application connected to the Internet) and the purpose (the bot can play a game with you or tell you a horoscope, recommend a book or movie, pick up a flight and book a ticket, inform you about the weather or answer your questions. Some chatbots are able to joke.

The stronger the program’s knowledge base, the more questions it will close from users.

The BOT AI in the business.. At the moment, a bot based on artificial intelligence has become a kind of business card, a sign that the company has the funds to buy and maintain it. Although we want to say that the development of bots is much cheaper than the development of, for example, applications. An organization that has a chatbot is focused on fast and high-quality interaction with the client. This relationship is beneficial both for the company – saving money and time on routine work performed by employees, and for customers – through chatbots, they receive an instant response from the support service or instructions on how to solve the problem. In addition, bots work around the clock and seven days a week. Now everyone is concerned about improving the efficiency of work processes. Specialists move away from monotonous work and strive to direct their resources to more creative tasks. The client does not want to spend time and effort on sessions to resolve certain issues. Thanks to bots, both sides become more mobile and efficient. Internet seller – Internet buyer, Bank-client, medical institution-patient, public institution-citizen, teacher-student, any activity in any field benefits from such communication.

We are talking about AI bots as one of the modern and fashionable trends in IT solutions. Therefore, in order not to become, as they say, a victim of fashion, you need to clearly understand what tasks can be solved with this program and only then consider its implementation in the product. For example, you need a customer to make purchases or order services from you and not waste time and nerves trying to call the sales Manager. Your store needs a bot. If you want to track technical information, behavior, and activity to create a “user profile”, you need a bot. One of the reasons why chatbots have become popular as a shopping channel is that they sell services and products directly at the point where potential customers gather. If this is important to you, you need a bot. If you want to reach a large range of customers in a messenger, such as Facebook, you also need a bot. If you need to inform customers about promotions, discounts, or advice on the range that will encourage them to buy, you need a bot. If you want to have quick feedback from customers to improve the quality of your work and thus avoid competitors, the bot will help you. Keep in mind that this program can interact with hundreds of people at once. Thus, at the moment, the chatbot is a powerful tool and an indispensable assistant in a fast-moving world where both the buyer and seller value their time.

ONE QUESTION that cannot be ignored in the context of this article. On the Internet, they write that everyone can create their own bot and tell you how to do it. Is this true? Yes, but only if you need a low-competitive, low-functional, simple program.

Only IT specialists can make a chatbot based on artificial intelligence with strong functionality. We are a professional team and ready to cooperate. Call us or email us. Kubas Labs

In the next decade, chatbots will remain the most common tool for serving people and will become one of the main industry of digital development.