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AWS Amplify Framework

As more and more organizations use cloud computing, the number of cloud-enabled applications is growing at a rapid pace. The cloud allows an organization to scale as their business grows while eliminating the overhead of internal operations. In keeping with this trend, Amazon introduced Amplify iOS and Amplify Android, which are part of the open-source Amplify Framework. AWS Amplify includes libraries and tools, allowing mobile developers to build scalable and secure cloud-powered applications.

AWS <span>Amplify</span> Framework

What is AWS Amplify?

AWS Amplify is a development environment for building web and mobile apps on Amazon Web Services as quickly as possible.

What does it offer?

  • JavaScript Declarative Library – Connects front-end code to a cloud service.
  • The Amazon Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) is a faster way to set up your backend with a single toolchain.

In the simplest terms, Amazon Amplify Framework is a set of libraries, command-line interface, and UI components that let you build the backend and integrate it with the apps built-in iOS, Android, and React Native or web frameworks as React, Angular, and Ionic. Ultimately, it offers full-stack development without worrying about iterations and backend configurations.

Its goal is to provide an end-to-end platform for building and maintaining cloud applications that offer a similar experience to native. When the back end is serverless, developers can focus on the code and its efficiency rather than the tuning, maintenance, and performance of the back end.

A cloud-enabled application relies on a cloud provider’s services to handle all internal operations, allowing developers to focus on the core of the app. It reduces development time and cost and provides project scalability when needed.

Here are some specific scenarios where AWS Amplify is the best option:

  • When you want to build a cloud-connected application on web and mobile platform
  • When you want to utilize JavaScript in mobile app development
  • When you don’t want to bother about maintaining servers and backend service
  • When you prefer scalability and faster app development as important factors
  • When you want to build custom backend using pluggable and ready-to-use components
  • When you want to enhance your existing app using cloud features

This is the fastest way to build cloud applications as it provides many ready-to-use components and a command-line interface that allows you to configure the back end with fewer code lines.

What are the benefits of using AWS Amplify?

  1. A more comfortable and faster way to build cloud-connected, full-stack mobile and web applications
  2. No need to manage hosting infrastructure
  3. Modern UI-based approach for building scalable applications
  4. Better user experience with AR / VR, 3D scenes, and engaging text/voice interfaces
  5. Faster, with built-in support for internal management and deployment.
  6. Automated mobile app testing for quick release of features and updates

If you are planning to build your application from scratch or thinking about improving an existing one, AWS Amplify is a great platform to consider. Web development company KUBAS Labs is already actively implementing this framework to create web and mobile apps for clients.

Do you have any thoughts to Amplify mobile app? Contact us, and we will answer all your questions.