Rebuild and redesign website services

How to find out if it's time to rebuild or redesing your website?
1) You have not changed the website design for more than 3 years.
2) If the number of customers from your website decreased with constant traffic.
3) At least one of the topics below is relevant for your company.
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Redesign website services

A little time passes, and the design becomes obsolete, whether in commercial or non-commercial projects. They come to thoughtsthink about finalizingfinalising, changing, or improving their web projects —upgrading or redesigning a site.

The policy of planned modernizationmodernisation of Internet solutions and regular work —updating the website, and content (text), —will allow the web representation to act as a business tool.

In this period, completely new technologies and opportunities for their implementation appear.

And if we talk about the principle of necessary novelty, then the project''s adjustment will be required even more often than once a year.
The website redesign is required in cases when:
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1. Interface update is required.
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2. Changing a company's marketing strategy
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3. Adding new web services
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4. Switching to another platform
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5. Shifting the focus of the resource, its target audience
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6. It is essential to increase the efficiency of the web resource.
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7. AThere is a low conversion rate of visitors to customers.
Redesigning your site, and how to make it better with us:
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Change interface
The redesign of the website in an embodiment is a change in appearance. While only the design is affected, the structure of the Internet project, its text content, and management system may remain the same. We offer to make an adaptive interface, adaptive layout, or a separate mobile version.
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Partial modernisation
A partial modernisation of the site includes the replacement of parts and graphic elements in the interface to lay out clearer conversion paths and blocks, with small changes in the program part of the project for new blocks. In contrast, the management system, primary text, and visual information are not affected.
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Identity redesign
Identity is a set of corporate identity elements of a company. When modernising the organisational style, we can change the logo, adjust corporate colours, and replace the main font. It would be best if you took care of the visible range of advertising printing products and the branding of vehicles.
Site redesign – or creating a new one?
The site redesign is required to be done before the project ceases to cope with its functions, prevent extreme situations, and make periodic changes. The quality of the resource and attendance largely depends on the work of the site support. If this isn’t taken into account, then instead of an easy update, you can get to the site’s creation from scratch.

Rebuild website services

It just so happens that the company'’s website was initially not initially up to standard, without the involvement of specialists.

The site contains several errors, does not fulfill the functions assigned to it, cannot be edited or can be edited with specific difficulties, cannot be promoted, is outdated in terms of design, etc.

In this case, all these problems can solvebe solved by the reconstruction of the site.

It is necessary to seriously think about the rebuilding of the site in the following cases:
  • The website was created more than three years ago and during this time was not redone during this time;
  • The site design is so outdated that it has ceased to inspire confidence, and your visitors leave the site for this reason;
  • The site contains many errors: obsolete information, broken links, notpictures displayedthat picturesaren’t displayed, and broken functional modules;
  • The website was developed without a management system (CMS), i.e., Itit is a static HTML site that is difficult to update and add new pages to;
  • When creating the website, the primary attention was paid to the design of the site, rather than on filling it with the necessary information, and illustrating the goods and services offered by the company;
  • The business’s current tasks have changed, and the list of products and services has been modified or expanded;
• The navigation is not thought out and causes certain inconveniences and difficulties for site visitors;
• The site is developed on its own or by an amateur without the involvement of specialists.
What is included in the rebuilding of the website?
The reconstruction of the site may affect the following points:
Adjustment of the site navigation system (menu)
Changing the structure of the website (number and name of sections)
Development of site logic in case the current one is out of date
Adding a content management system (CMS) if the current site is working without it or on an unknown system
Software components: modernization of existing components as well as development and installation of new ones
How we communicate with you:
Our experts analyze your website.
We coordinate your wishes and evaluate the possibilities of implementation.
We draw up a detailed report with possible solutions for the reconstruction of the site.
We develop an updated design project.
We introduce changes, and your website is ready.
What do you get as the result?
Through the reconstruction of the site, we achieve the following results for your growth:
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The site operates without errors and crashes;
full stack web development services
The website is most convenient to use and update;
full stack web development company
Information is located reasonably and correctly;
full stack web development company
The site is well-indexed by search engines.

Why Kubas Labs?

Many people find it easier to delete the old site and create a new one in its likeness. However, then you will have to expect the removal of all pages from search engines and then their re-indexing, which can adversely affect the business or other areas for which this resource is needed. Therefore, do not delete anything.

For us, services of rebuilding and redesigning a website alteration include, first of all, the fulfillment of your every desire. If you do not like how your site looks, then we can produce something high-quality. Meanwhile, if everything suits you in appearance but the site has poor positions in search engines, then we will completely update and change its structure.

Rebuilding and redesigning a website is a complex process best trusted to professionals, and then you will not have any problems.