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Developing Apps

We have a passion for making applications that make your company more valuable and lead it to success. As a highly ranked app creation firm, we can turn your proposals into the present-day driving forces of your organization. We recruit only qualified app developers who complete the projects within the agreed time and follow the high-quality code standards. Our mastery in the people-to-people niche, e-commerce field, Martech or Adtech industry, and other businesses allows us to create solutions that suit our clients' needs.


Turn your innovative opportunities into real-world opportunities with user-engaging, smart, and value-added mobile software designed by our skilled team. We focus on meeting your expectations by designing and developing feature-packed, innovative, and excellent-performing mobile-related apps.

KUBAS Labs helps companies leverage the capability of personalized software to significantly simplify their business operations, improve customer/client relationships remotely, and enhance employee productivity. We make unmatched apps, like cross-platform across all popular techs and channels/platforms.

Top-Rated App Development Firm

We always work hand-in-hand with our customers/clients to create a strategy and an implementation plan suiting their unique technical and company needs. Besides this, we also provide the required support to implement the plan. As a top-rated mobile development firm, we're dedicated to developing mobile-related apps with excellent features, such as ROI optimized, user retention, and more sustainability.

We have professional team members that are also experts in several technology stacks. They know the right procedure to follow to merge creative software designs with the next-generation program creation service.

The mobile team at KUBAS Labs is the best one in the development of mobile-related applications. They make and design B2B or customer-facing applications for a vast range of digital platforms, such as AR, smartwatches, mobile, and more. We create scalable, robust, and working software that sustain the test of time.

Our Custom App Creation Services

At KUBAS Labs, we draw together professionals across domains to boost your product and ensure it's ready for the target audience by relying on our top-notch custom app development service. Our experts follow all stages executed by software development firms: analyzing your market needs, assembling testers, application designers, and application developers, and publishing the program/app/software to the corporate network or application stores.

Cross-Platform Software Creation/Development

With our cross-platform mobile software creation service, you can create cross-platform software that works well across a vast range of operating systems. Also, with this service, you'll find it easy to reach several potential users and support increased bottom lines and lower software creation budgets.

Companies We Work With

Whether you're an SMB, non-profit agency, public agency, startup, or enterprise organization, KUBAS Labs possesses the expertise and resources needed to create effective cross-platform programs. We work with several companies from various industries, including:

  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Retail & commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare and more other regulated sectors
  • Publishing & media
  • HR & training
  • Wellness, fitness & sports
  • Food & beverages industry
  • and more

At KUBAS Labs, we're professionals in various technologies that make it easy to make any cross-platform software. An excellent example is React Native framework and more frameworks.

iOS App Creation

We offer full-cycle iOS development services, making it easy for startups and established businesses to maximize everything Apple's platform provides. Our skilled team offers exceptional iOS-related mobile-related app development services drawing on their many years of experience in making apps of various sizes and complexities. Whatever the gig, our team brings to the forefront an unmatched understanding related to your business.

Our expertise covers all the Apple products, including homes, cars, smart TVs, wearables, and watches. Besides this, we work as per Apple's Human Interface Guidelines to create reliable user-product relationships that boost satisfaction, drive adoption, and enable hassle-free interaction with content. Moreover, we know the right procedure to follow and break the rules whenever the software calls for it.

Our iOS-related app creation expertise also covers several domains and verticals. Hesitate no more! Tap into our exceptional iOS software creation mastery to develop smart and intuitive iOS programs across the Apple ecosystem.

Development Of Android-related Mobile Software/Apps

KUBAS Labs is a highly ranked web development company delivering end-to-end Android-related application development services, making it easy to convert your idea into a fruitful product. We have an exceptional Android team with unmatched skills tested in hundreds of Android software creation tasks.

We make it easy for VC-backed startups and product companies to win a significant base of loyal customers and solve the challenges brought by Android's openness. We offer secure and highly customizable software that gives mission-critical functionality for enterprise clients without interfering with the UX.

Our Android app creation prowess does not focus only on tablets and smartphones. It also includes in-car infotainment systems, smart TVs, connected devices, and wearables. Besides this, our mobile team follows Google's guidelines to ensure you remain on pace with UI and UX design trends and techs that keep shifting regularly.

Our Android programs promote a unified experience across any screen while keeping users engaged instead of pleasing their eyes. They are handy to all users, easy to use/access, and offer clear and straightforward journeys and layouts.

Our App Creation Process

KUBAS Labs is a web-app development firm you can trust to make mobile programs of any nature because we have several years of experience. Also, we're backed with complete transparency and proven best practices.


All top-notch applications started with ideas. As a result, this explains why listening to customers/clients' ideas and making them real is one of our crucial steps. We start by getting ideas from you - your vision, expectations, and goals.
We take this step to optimize your experience's and knowledge's value to inform the app creation process. Therefore, it's vital to prepare yourself for a revealing discussion about your options, opportunities, and challenges when visiting us.


After understanding your problem fully, we execute the necessary steps to validate our plan's viability before focusing on the top-notch mobile app/program development procedure.
We have unmatched UX researchers who will take you through several user testing methods to ensure you get a reliable solution. If we can't validate our plan's viability, we pivot and re-work it again to save you the challenge and extra expenses of creating a solution that fails to work post-launch.

Design And Build

Our software design service revolves around your customers. Our mobile team makes this possible by creating an inventory of your customers' priorities and preferences and incorporating their feedback into the entire project using UX prototyping.
Therefore, this ensures that the final software is easy to use and can drive adoption after launching it. We work hand-in-hand with you during the app creation process so that the finished program works as planned.

How we do it?

The creation of any website is a complex process that requires qualified professionals working on demanding, challenging tasks. In recent years, we've developed more than 175 websites and put together a step-by-step guide. It includes eight main phases:


At this stage, we collect as much information about your business as possible. What are your objectives? Are your competitors any good? We analyze your target audience to specify your client's primary needs. This is the foundation of any and every project.


This phase includes multiple meetings where we have detailed discussions about possible design solutions and the tools we need. The most important part is deciding on the design of the home page. After it's done, we go on to other pages until we are ready for the next step.


This is the longest stage, with a sizeable amount of time spent on front-end and back-end development. The project manager describes the specifications of the project, then programmers work on code and install a CMS. At this point, the code is reviewed by the lead developer.

Presentation & Launch

The sweetest part — this is the focal point of our collaboration. This marks the official launch of your site, as it is now viewable to the public.

Content creation

Not limited to just text, this includes photos, videos, graphs, data tables – basically anything your users see when they visit the site. We integrate relevant data into responsive layouts and create content templates for custom solutions.

Web design

Here, we create mockups of multiple pages (in different sizes – for responsive layouts), put the content in, and show them to the client. After discussing any possible corrections or additions, we go on to the next phase.

Quality assurance

When everything's ready, the product goes through a series of tests, usually by people who weren't a part of this project. This gives us an opportunity to catch some of the less-obvious bugs and go on to the next step.


We guarantee our support even after the project's been completed. Our expert team is always ready to help. Rely on our end-to-end testing, round-the-clock support for bugs, and on-demand maintenance.

What Do You Get?

Experienced team

We are focused on bringing value to our customers and on helping them succeed in the marketplace.

Full-service Web Development Company

From ideation to maintenance and upgrades, we can be your partner for the entire software development process.

High quality

You get our years of experience, quality IT solutions, and our best service working for your business.

Our company develops both turnkey and custom solutions.

Both are acceptable, depending on your goals
and your budget.

  • Turnkey

  • Less expensive and easy to implement
  • Quicker to build
  • Meets most of the customer's needs
  • Lower risks
  • Custom-built

  • Personalized for your business, functionality- and security- wise
  • Possible gradual improvement
  • Quick changes
  • An advantage over competitors

We have


Since 2012, we've been developing web solutions for small startups and giant corporations in every field imaginable.

Research team

At KUBAS Labs, we analyze the target market and customer journey to create the best customer experience.

Latest Trends

Every day, we scout for the latest trends, search for new ideas, and implement them in our designs.

Our latest cases

Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier

Customer Testimonials

Christina Stungurė
CEO, Atosto

“Upon launching the new platform, the company secured significant improvements in user navigation and software integration, which were received positively by their users.

KUBAS Labs utilized efficient project management tools and methods to deliver results that exceeded their client’s expectations.

They improved the existing website professionally and paid attention to details. The team was always reachable and patiently explained and commented on any questions.

They did not simply fulfill the requirements but shared their professional opinion, made thought-out suggestions and were honestly interested in delivering the best possible product. They were fully committed to their highest standard.”

Vasyl Artiushchenko
CEO, TrustCorp

They demonstrate a high level of professionalism and take pride in their work.

We were looking for a new website for our client and find the solution to track data better than we can do with Google Analytics.

They built a website. Using Tilda, their team created tools for customers and in-house administrators, which allows them to easily order company services. KUBAS Labs built data-tracking technology for us to capture visitor behavior. They continue to work on website enhancements.”


Jambulat Kadiev
Director of Alfa Telecom s.r.o.

Their ability to adapt to our needs and no push back to do a project, as we want to was very impressive.

Working with a small IT staff there is much we cannot do internally due to limited personnel resources. For our first project, we asked them to build a Database management application allowing us to collect and report on specific data from our members.

Our management system is working perfectly. Sometimes we ask developers from KUBAS Labs to help us here and there with small new features. The platform is very stable and can coupe with a large amount of people who work with it.”


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